Heath Kane

A collection of 50 individual artworks, each uniquely screen-printed and hand-finished.


“When will we recognise that the things we consume comes at a bigger price?”

— Heath Kane

We humans are voracious consumers. Whether it’s something grand, shiny, or brand new, we’re drawn to it. The allure lies not in the object itself, but in how it makes us feel. Yet, when faced with urgent threats like climate change and ecological collapse, why do we persistently make choices that may endanger our very survival?

Consider these whimsical balloon flowers. On one hand, we’re acutely aware that plastics wreak havoc on our environment. On the other hand, their appeal is hard to resist.

This collection acts as a reflection of society, highlighting the inherent paradox we encounter while addressing climate change. How can we simultaneously oppose something while being irresistibly drawn to it? Are we vandalising our environment for simple pleasures? Beyond this lies a deeper truth: we’re all complicit in our inaction. Instead of course-correcting, we escalate our destructive behaviour. We trade regular cars for gleaming gas-guzzling larger ones, embark on long-haul flights to exotic destinations, and replace natural resources with synthetic alternatives – all in the name of cost-effectiveness. Our reckless frenzy of consumption continues, fuelled by the subconscious hope that someone else will solve the crisis.

In this battle between survival instincts and conflicting motivations, we grapple with a profound question: When will we recognise that the things we consume comes at a bigger price?

Note: the balloons used within this project were sustainability sourced, using natural rubber latex harvested by tapping the rubber tree in a manner that does not harm the trees. These balloons contain no plastic.


Curate your own set of two or four pieces from the series.